Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cloverpuff at the Devil's Playground

Hello! Oh! Oh no! What is this place? Ash is falling from the sky! What’s that?

*The ground rumbles under Cloverpuff’s feet.*

Readers, a column of flames has just sprouted from the ground! It’s climbing high into the sky! I must have hopped into the wrong place!

*Thumps hind leg.*

Preparing to leave!
This isn't Loki. It's Robert. Work with me.

What are you doing here, little critter? The Devil’s Playground is no place for rabbits.

*Scoops Cloverpuff and cradles her in his arms.*

You cannot leave yet. I believe you owe me an interview.

Oh… uh…

*Looks around. Dozens of shadowy figures march in the distance. Their black hides glisten under the flaming orange sky. Spikes and long tails sway from side to side.*

Are those… demons?

Yes. But don’t worry. You’re safe with me.

What's your name?

Robert Harwood.

What were you doing when I came in?

Catching my breath.


I needed it after my meeting with Abaddon.

I might regret asking you this but… who’s Abaddon?

A demon, and my Keeper. You just missed him. You’re one lucky rabbit… had you come a few seconds earlier, he would’ve set a demon’s bind in your heart as well.

You make pacts with demons?

Occasionally, yes. But this one was worthless.

Okay, let me get on with the interview. The sooner I finish, the sooner I’ll be able to hop out of this place.

As you wish. But I find the Devil’s Playground to be quite fun.

If I told you you had to do some spring cleaning right away, what would you throw out?

*Sets Cloverpuff on the ground.*  

I would free myself of all these binds. They are the work of the demons, and they are suffocating my soul. Many have been with me for so long they are a part of me—a part I sometimes cannot control. But the bind Abaddon just set in place was unwarranted. He didn’t give me the information I demanded, yet he claimed his side of the bargain. Do you know who True Self 603 is?

Uh, no?

His name is Tristan Cross.

Oh! I interviewed him a few days ago! Nice fellow, although he did say something about making rabbit stew that made me a little nervous.

Nice fellow? Naïve creature, you have so much to learn. Tristan is a thief and a murderer. I will never understand why a goddess like Time is so interested in redeeming his soul.
I came to Abaddon looking for answers. I wanted to read True Self 603’s record, maybe then I would make sense of why Time is making me follow his trail. He must have done something in a past life for her to care so deeply about him. But Abaddon says the file does not exist. Lies! Someone has hidden it, and for a reason. I must know what it is.

*Gazes nervously at the demons marching closer.*

Well, I hope you find what you’re looking for. Can we keep going?

I’m waiting.

Do you have any secrets you'd like to confess?
Not any I can tell you.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I think I answered that a moment ago. Abaddon’s bind has no place in my soul.

And what do you like most about yourself?

Who have you visited prior to me?

*A bright blue light flickers from Robert’s mouth.*

*Cloverpuff huddles in fear.*

I visited many people. There's Edward, Piper, Neal, Emariya, Jingjing, Alistair...

From my realm.

*A new light shines off Robert’s tongue. His long, black overcoat slowly billows.*

Only two, Tristan and Time.

So you have spoken to the goddess? What did she say about Tristan?

I don’t know!

Tell me.

*A blue bolt of lightning flashes from Robert’s mouth and wraps around Cloverpuff.*

She said Future tricked her! She said she listened to her sister’s lies and corrupted the one mortal she adored most!

*Robert gazes down his nose at Cloverpuff.*

The one mortal she adored most?

*The blue ray vanishes from around Cloverpuff. Shivering, she looks around.*

What was that?

You asked me what I liked most about myself. I believe I just gave you a demonstration. But don’t let my Commands unsettle you. Go on, I still have time for one more question.

*Cloverpuff wriggles her nose.*

Oh, uh… Excuse me, this is all very disconcerting… Let’s see…

*Flips through notebook*

The next question is: Is there anyone you really, really hate?

*Pulls up the collar of his overcoat.*

Hatred is too strong a word. I will not say there is no hatred in my heart. However, you must not fuel those destructive emotions, little one. For hatred beckons specters, and specters, once they have found you, never leave.
Now excuse me, but more pressing matters require my attention.

No, wait. I’m still not done!

Another day.

*Robert crouches.*

I advise you leave quickly. Once I am gone, the demons will have no qualms coming to you and ripping your skin off, strip by bloody strip.

*He bows his head and with a word, is gone.*

Well. That was—


Uh-oh! He’s right!

*Thumps leg like crazy.*

Gotta hop! Bye! Off to see Jie Yan, by John Kang.


  1. Robert's an interesting fellow and kind of scary. This playground sort of reminds of John Constantine. Cool! And I like the ROAR at the end, lol. :D

  2. Cloverpuff is starting to have his own story now, co-written by several blog hoppers from CC! :)

  3. Cloverpuff is one lucky girl. John and I have put her life at risk more than once, LOL!

  4. omg... Robert is Loki?? He's so freakin' hawt! yummy visual, thanks for that! Can Tristian please look like Tony Stark, and Eneld...hmm... maybe the new Spock? ;-)

    1. Oh my God! LOL!

      Yes...erm...Robert looks a lot like, uhhh, forbidden love. :->
      Tristan as Tony Stark... Yeah, that could work! lol Minus the goatee, though. However, Ennie as SPOCK??? WHAT? :-O He's blond!


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