Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #2

For my first Six Sentence Sunday, I introduced two goddesses: Present (who prefers to go by the name of Time) and Past.

In the following weeks, we'll focus on the plight of one character from the novel Serving Time: Argo. Everything you will see in Six Sentence Sunday happens before the action in the novel.

In this first scene, Argo's girlfriend breaks his heart.

"Goodbye." She stood at the door, her wavy brown hair tucked behind her ears and her lips thinned to a sliver.

“Please don't go.” Argo couldn't manage to speak beyond a whisper without his voice breaking.
Her comm-link beeped, but she didn't move to look at it.
He's waiting for her downstairs.


  1. Hi Nadine. This very subtly includes a bit of the story's conflict? Argo and the man waiting downstairs are in competition?

    Nice six. :-)

  2. Hi and welcome to my blog! Yup, Argo actually loses to the man downstairs, and that'll lead to him doing something terrible.

  3. Aw, poor Argo. Story premise sounds interesting!

    1. Thanks! But let me warn you... the story is not what it seems! ;-)


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