Friday, November 30, 2012

40 More Twitter Hashtags for Writers

In a previous post, I offered you a list of 30 Twitter Hashtags for Writers.

This week, I'm going to give you no less than 40 MORE Twitter hashtags--and they're all especially for writers! Hold on to your bell-bottoms!

Each hashtag in the list is a hyperlink to the Twitter search page. I've checked each and every one, and they are all active. Just click on your hashtag of interest to see what people are saying now.

Tip: once you have the hashtag in your Twitter search box, and if you like what you see, save the search. That way, you'll get a drop-down menu of all your saved searches each time you click on the search box.

Help and promotion: indie authors

#authorRT – Have other writers retweet your posts (don’t forget to return the favor!).

Fun and inspiration

#1k1h also #1k1hr – Used to show you’re going to attempt to write one thousand words in one hour.
#fridayflash – Used to share flash fiction on Friday
#vss – Very short story
#asmsg – Stands for “Authors’ Social Media Support Group”

Express your genre

#yalit also #ya –Young adult literature
#crime – Mainly about novels, although you might get a surprise every now and then.
#mglit – Middle grade literature

Oh, and here's an extra one, #writeclub, hosted by @FriNightWrites. CherylAnne shared this one on my previous hashtag post. She says: "We do 30 min writing sprints every Friday night starting around 8 pm ET. It's a fun way to meet other writers and boost your word count at the same time!"

So with this freebie hashtag we now have 41! Enjoy!


  1. This is a great list. I'm trying to boost my understanding of -- and use of Twitter -- so this is incredibly useful to me.

  2. Thanks Alyce! I'm planning on adding more useful info about Twitter as I learn more about it. I almost gave up on Twitter and closed my account months ago. I'm so happy I didn't! :-)

  3. I'll admit I signed up for Twitter a couple months ago and have never used it. :(

    This is making me want to give it a shot. But being a published author one day, and by extension a public figure (even an extreamly minor inconspicious one), physcs me out. What if I say something stupid? Or a bunch of things no one cares about or comments on? There's so much pressure to be funny and/or relevant.

  4. Hi Ashley! Great to see you! Haha, I know, I feel that way too. I guess we just have to be respectful, share honest and interesting content, and, above all, be ourselves. People have to respect us for who we are, right?

    As I mentioned in my previous Twitter post, I signed up in August and almost closed my account. It wasn't Twitter's fault, it was mine. ;-) I wasn't using it the right way.

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