Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kelly Walker: Second Stone Exclusive Details

As many of you already know, Kelly Walker has been touring the blogs this week revealing yummy details of her upcoming release: Second Stone, Book 2 of the Souls of the Stones Trilogy.

If you haven't read the first book, what are you waiting for? Click on the cover to go to Amazon and order your copy now! As a special treat during the blog tour, you can purchase Cornerstone, Book 1 of the Trilogy, for just 0.99 cents! 

Visit Kelly Walker Writes for more information and goodies.

And what does Kelly have in store for us in Second Stone? Here are three exclusive details I had to pry out of her (okay, maybe not pry...).

Get ready for deaths. Maybe lots of deaths! According to Kelly: "What I think will surprise readers more than the deaths themselves, will be who has blood on their hands."

Uh-oh! Any ideas who that might be?

But there's also room for romance in Second Stone. A supporting character will gain a new love interest. Kelly won't tell us who, but she does say the love interest is also a Stone.

Finally, Riya is in store for a lot of changes! 

In Second Stone, she is betrayed once more, and this will change her view on many things. 

According to Kelly: 

"She has some major decisions to make, and she is really going to have to decide not only who she can trust, but what type of leader she wants to be. In the middle of it all, her personal relationships will be changing and maturing. Garith has been the one constant in her life, but he will have to find where he fits into her world now. Things will continue to amplify and become more heated between her and Torian and her friendship with Jessa will be tested. Jessa sees things a very specific way, and the choices that Riya needs to make won't necessarily fit into Jessa's mold of right and wrong."

Oooohh! Sounds interesting!

I can't wait for the release date, February 1. Just in time for my birthday, too! Can you think of a better birthday present?

Stay tuned for the Second Stone cover reveal tomorrow, November 7! I had a sneak peek at it already and it gets thumbs up from me! Don't forget to stop by Kelly Walker Writes for more info on her cover reveal.

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