Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome Weekend Writing Warriors!

This post is several days late--but hopefully not too late!

As many of you know, Six Sentence Sunday closed on January 27 of this year. I hadn't participated much (because I'm a mess and can't keep track of my own schedules), but I was still very sad to see this engaging initiative come to an end. Many thank yous to the administrators of the site for their hard work and dedication.

Here's a moment of silence for Six Sentence Sunday. You will be missed.

Luckily for those of us who need our Sunday literary fix, we have a new site rolling:

Weekend Writing Warriors, or the tongue-twisting WeWriWa!

The premise is the same as before: sign up on the website and post your submission on your blog or website by Sunday morning. There is only one difference: texts are eight sentences long. That gives us a couple more sentences to breathe--and boy do I need them!

For more information on the rules and deadlines, check out the website (linked above). You can also receive updates on Twitter with the hashtags #WeWriWa and #8Sunday.

Happy writing, everyone!


  1. Nadine, thanks so much for posting this. Our site's beginning to attract a fair amount of traffic and we really appreciate you helping to spread the word :D

  2. You're welcome! I wanted to post earlier, but this week has been hectic. Well, every week in my world is pretty hectic... Sorry for the late post! At least the word's out there! ;-)

  3. I second Marcia. Thank you Nadine! :-)


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