Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eneld's Sneak Peek and Tristan's Interview

The Serving Time blog tour is coming to a close!

Yesterday, author and member of Critique Circle Ryan Sullivan offered you a sneak peek into the novel! Ryan is an award-winning blogger and the author of Aundes Aura. Don't forget to stop by his blog to check out Serving Time and Aundes Aura.

Today, Shane Jeffery, yet another author and fellow CCer, has a very special interview for you: Tristan Cross, the protagonist of Serving Time. Shane specializes in writing horror, so his work is not for the faint-hearted! ;-) Stop by his blog to see if Tristan gave him a hard time, and check out his novels!

Tomorrow, a brand new (and very precocious!) author will post yet another sneak peek into Serving Time: Maeve P.! Maeve is currently hard at work on her debut novel, and adding to her word count day by day.

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