Friday, April 19, 2013

Got Inspiration?

Calvin (don't you just love him?) might be trying to procrastinate his way out of a school project, but he still has a point. Creativity requires a mood; it needs a spark of inspiration. But what do you do when inspiration refuses to light up?

You go find some kindling, that's what you do!

Here are eight links to help you out if you ever need some extra help recovering your inspiration.

1) Litbridge Creative Writing Prompts

This is an incredible site with literally thousands of writing prompts. What I enjoy most about it is that it classifies its prompts into clear categories. We can find categories for different holidays, periods of the year, even categories such as "animals", "the universe", "road trips" or "zombies" (I found this last one contained especially creative ideas!).

2) Daily Writing Tips - Writing Prompts 101

Here you'll find an interesting article on writing prompts, and several links to prompts, too!

3) Writer's Digest Writing Prompts

Writer's Digest offers fun weekly writing prompts.

4) Writing Prompts

This site is simply called that: Writing Prompts--but don't let its simple name fool you. You might just crack a smile at all the illustrated prompts hiding in here. I especially liked Dr. Who meeting Disney's Belle.

5) Creative Writing Prompts

This is a very simple website: just hover over one of the numbers and you'll receive a short prompt. The ideas here are short and clear, for example "Write about someone you'd love to see in jail". However, if you stretch your creativity a little, I'm sure you can turn that one-line prompt into a complete story.

6) Poets and Writers - Writing Prompts

The website Poets and Writers offers prompts for poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

7) Writing Forward: 25 Creative Writing Prompts

Here you'll find exactly what the link says.

8) Warren Wilson College - 20 Creative Writing Prompts

This post contains 20 prompts and challenges. Writing challenges involve creating a short text following certain rules (you have to use a certain amount of words, your sentences have to begin a certain way...)

I hope these links help you if you ever have trouble coming up with something to write!

Writer's block can be avoided. When you feel its cool breath drawing goose bumps on your nape, remember this:


  1. Hi,
    I just invited you to play a game. :)
    It's about your book since you are an author.
    Take a look here
    And if you want...participate. :)

  2. Hey Athina. I checked the questions and they're pretty much the same ones I answered just a couple weeks ago for the blog hop! 8-)

  3. The punchline of the Calvin and Hobbes comic is missing. I thought you were saving it for the end of the post, but just when I thought you were going to zig, you zagged (I love that about you). Anyway, I googled it and am now fully satisfied.

    Great post, writing prompts don't really work for me, but I can totally relate to your premise. It can be hard to recover that hunger to write when you lose your inspiration.

    1. Actually, I couldn't find the Calvin and Hobbes punchline! :-(

    2. Then have I got a treat for you:

    3. Awwww!!! Love it! I should add the rest of the comic to the post! Thanks.

  4. Great-looking resources. Thanks for sharing them, Nadine!


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