Monday, May 27, 2013

Author Interview: Michele M Reynolds

Today I'm proud to present author Michele M Reynolds!

1. Hello Michele! Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do aside from writing?

Hello Nadine and thanks for having me. What a lovely blog you have. I love what you have done with the place. Look I am surrounded by stars. Sorry I got distracted. Job wise I am a clinical supervisor. Meaning I supervise a wonderful team of therapists and case managers working with families and individuals. I love training and teaching people. As you can probably guess from the name of my blog Writer + Wilderness Girl Under it all here at , I love the outdoors. My most interesting job as been living in the woods with at-risk kids in Florida.

2. I see you've published several titles already. What are they about?

Let me grab my handy log lines. . .

Tunnel W (short story): After being forced to run into a high-risk prison tunnel, a fearless woman uses two officers who chased her in there to help her escape.

Trail Swap: An amusing woman decides to hike the Appalachian Trail to find a new direction in life while battling her fears of life's heartbreaks.

Off-Trail: Trail Swap: (Short book) (Meant to be a trailer for Trail Swap) After being put in command by his CEO, a rookie reporter must go into the field and conduct the best interviews of his life while nursing a broken heart.

Tunnel W & Off-Trail can be found for FREE on Amazon. Trail Swap has the most blood, sweat, and tears put into and is a great, entertaining, and guaranteed to make you laugh book.

3. How would you define your writing? Do you have a special message for readers?

I would define my writing as witty, funny, and romantic at times. It is a good reflection of me. It is like left-overs for dinners. If you imagine having leftovers from all your favorite meals in your fridge, and putting them all together to make a big feast, that is my book. I put together stories within stories, fun characters after memorable characters, and each of my three published works are so different from each other.

I don't think they have a special message to readers. If Trail Swap had a message, it would be to make yourself happy, and don't be afraid of life or those who get in the way of your dreams.

4. What was your main hurdle while writing? Did you find anything especially easy?

A hurdle has been editing. No matter how many times I edit, reread and edit again, I keep finding mistakes in spelling, grammar, etc. I have just recruited a good editor, so hopefully that helps things out. Another hurdle is the marketing piece. Blogging, networking, interviewing, researching is fun at times, and needed, but it takes away from my writing.

I have found it easy to have a lot of ideas of things to write. I have not gotten writers block. If I get stuck on a scene, I just skip it and come back to it later.

5. You've known since a very early age that you wanted to be a writer. What advice would you give would-be writers who are indecisive about taking the plunge?

Like Nike says, "Just Do It." I knew since I was age 5 that I wanted to be a writer. The practical side of me and everyone else around me pushed me away from this. I really wish that I had overcome my fears and just continued to pick up writing 20 years ago. Write, learn, and read. Find a way to write as much as you can, and surround yourself with people who support your writing.

Like I said, I poured a lot of energy and time into Trail Swap. So, check that out. I am also writing a book about a residential wilderness camp in 2040's. It takes place in the Florida Everglades. I am trying to come up with a good analogy for the book. This is the best analogy I have created. My next book is the book Holes meets the movie Dangerous Minds. While you are waiting for it to come out August 2013 or later, read Trail Swap.

Michele M. Reynolds Blog
Amazon: Trail Swap
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Thank you, Michele! It was a pleasure to have you here!

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