Thursday, May 16, 2013

Serving Time Blog Tour Recap

Back in April (that sounds so far away), I decided to go on a blog tour to show what Serving Time was all about. I had the help and support of several great authors and members of Critique Circle. For ten days, we alternated character interviews with sneak peeks from the novel. On the last day, I had a special treat for you all: an exclusive interview with Keith Draws, the artist who did the cover.

Serving Time was released on May 2 (click on the cover next to this post to see the Amazon listing). To celebrate its second week as a published novel, I've collected all the tour stops in one post. Enjoy!

Day 1: Cover and blurb reveal

Day 2: Kelly Walker interviews Seth, the cannibalistic owner of the Robot Rehab

Day 3: Anastasia Leach shows us a Seth sneak peek from the novel

Day 4: Lanise Brown interviews Robert Westbrook, demon master

Day 5: Athina gives us a sneak peek of Robert in Serving Time

Day 6: John Kang interviews Eneld Cross, biorobotics engineer doomed to go to Mars

Day 7: Ryan Sullivan shows us an Eneld sneak peek

Day 8: Shane Jeffery interviews Tristan Cross, the MC of Serving Time

Day 9: Maeve P. shows us a final sneak peek

Day 10: The cover artist Keith Draws shows us how he made the cover. Check out the interview!


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  2. Hi Michele! Great! Thanks for the link. I was about to go back to WLC to check it.

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