Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm still here!

Hello everybody!

*Runs in flailing arms over her head.*

I apologize for my disappearance! It's been just over three months since the last time I published a post. Wow! Since when did time go by so quickly?

So, let me give you an informal update on what's been happening. Bullet points might be useful here, since I have been known to ramble...

  • I'm getting married next year. Salva and I have just started the preparations and I'm already completely stressed out. We've been searching for restaurants for the reception, and so far we're leaning towards a place called Can Traver. We still have to go see it and speak to the wedding organizers there. You can see beautiful pictures of the old Catalan mansion here.
  • My current novel, Making Time, is complete. The first draft, that is... As us regulars in the CC Progress Report Thread always say: "there will always be edits." And that's precisely where I am right now: so deep in edits I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to get back out. Several rewrites are in order, and just knowing what I have to do is twisting my guts in a very unpleasant way (as if there would be a pleasant way to experience gut-twisting...). Hopefully, Making Time will be ready for publication sometime this year, though I prefer quality over speed, so we'll all just have to sit tight.
  • Apart from the novel series, I've also been working on three short stories--prequels--which I also hope to release some time this year (if all goes well and I can finish the darn things!).
  • Finally, and this announcement is coming embarrassingly late, I'm proud to announce that my second NaNoWriMo experience was a complete success! I completed the 50k on November 15, one day later than last year. I admit I started out NaNoWriMo this year with a lot of self-doubts and hesitation. Fortunately, things worked out much better than expected. An entire month of nothing but mindless writing and furious plotting ended in 82,600 words. The novel I worked on is Out of Time, the third book in the Timemakers series.

So that's the update for now. I really can't believe so many months have gone by. I'm a scatterbrain, really, and when I focus on something I tend to block out everything else. Lately, all my focus has been directed toward Making Time.

Here's to new posts!

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  1. Hey, Naidne. I'm glad you're back. The restaurant looks gorgeous. :D


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