Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Revamping an Earring Holder

A little paint goes a long way.

Recently, I went down to my local Claire's and bought a ton of stud earrings (3x2!). I've got a total of five holes in my ears (had more but took them out due to constant infections), which means I regularly use studs...and sometimes lose them. So I bought about 30 pairs of earrings the other day, and then got home to this:

This is the earring holder I bought in my wild teenage years (yup, still have it!)--minus the earrings, of course. I'm a bit sick of the bright orange, not to mention the hideous rainbow flower. I have the urge to shout out "power!"

Instead of chucking this and buying another one, how about we revamp what we already got? All you need is a can of spray paint, some glitter, superglue and rhinestones!

Here we go. I chose a nice matte teal spray for the base:

It was an ugly, rainy day out on my balcony...

Be patient as the paint dries and make sure to
cover up all the nooks and crannies with several coats!

Here's the finished paint job, but how about we give that flower a little extra bling?

I spread a thin layer of superglue over the petals and dumped some glitter on there. Yeah! In hindsight, I should've put a piece of paper under this in order to save the excess glitter but I was too excited and it slipped my mind. Always think things through, people!

Add a pretty yellow rhinestone as a final touch!

Here we go: a revamped oldie, ready for a brand new life of joy and bling! We really don't need to throw out old things, now do we?

How's it look? I absolutely love it! Have you revamped any of your old favorites?

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